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Kiteboarding Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Is Kiteboarding your thing?┬á Even if it isn’t, there is a guy (or gal) riding the wind right under the Golden Gate Bridge.┬á Nice shot from Richard.┬á Thanks for sending this is as part of the contest! Want more information on Kiteboarding?┬á Check out this article. Click the image (or this link) and rotate around […]

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Breeders’ Cup 2008 – Aerial View of Santa Anita Park

Santa Anita Park opens annually on December 26, with daily racing continuing through April 20. In addition, Santa Anita’s fall meeting, presented by the Oak Tree Racing Association, takes to the track from late September to early November every year and will be home to the 2008 Breeders’ Cup World Championships. Live racing is Thursday […]

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Golden Gate Bridge Aerial, Bird’s Eye and 3D View

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening of the San Francisco Bay onto the Pacific Ocean. As part of both US Highway 101 and California Route 1, it connects the city of San Francisco on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County. The Golden […]

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Twitter Home Office Location – Aerial and Bird’s Eye View

Check out an aerial view of where Twitter has it’s home office using Virtual Earth. It’s in San Francisco on Park Street. Twitter, Inc. was created by the Obvious group in March of 2006. Technorati Tags: Twitter,Home Office,California,Virtual Earth

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In Flight: San Francisco International Airport

This has to be one of the better ‘in flight’ photos I have put up on the site so far. Over the water with the shadow and running lights in the water there too. Click the image below for a Bird’s Eye View using Virtual Earth

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Historic IBM Building Burns

Below is the location of the historic (at least in computer terms) IBM building number 25 where the first computer hard drive was created.  On March 9th 2008 the building caught fire and was suspected arson was to blame.

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Train Derailment Location Map Mecca California

The images below are from the area around Mecca California – in the images you can see the rail line and a line of cars that could have been similar to what was involved in the derailment today. Homes were evacuated for a mile around a train derailment that was spewing toxic gas early Tuesday […]

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Chino Beef Inspectors On Leave

Two beef inspectors in the Hallmark/Westland Plant in California At least two federal employees are sidelined by the USDA in the wake of the largest-ever beef recall. LA Times Technorati Tags: Chino,Beef,USDA

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