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Top 5 Posts on Virtual Bird’s Eye

We will be resuming posting this weekend ΓÇô Yeah!!┬á So, to kick things off I am doing a very small recap of the most popular links on the site!┬á WeΓÇÖll to the Top 5 Posts based on page views using Google Analytics: Click the Read more to get the list! 1. Biggest Loser Ranch In […]

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Virtual Bird’s Eye Site Update

Just a quick heads up about the lack of posting.  It’s been quite a few days since anything has been posted up on the site – We (more I) have been really busy with my personal life and my real job.  Things are looking to slow down some so posting will be resumed shortly. FYI […]

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Contest Coming Soon – Win a Zune

WeΓÇÖll be running a contest soon on Virtual BirdΓÇÖs Eye.┬á ItΓÇÖs going to be really easy to enter ΓÇô just find a cool shot, historic location, famous house, ectΓǪ using Virtual Earth imagery, link to some information if applicable ΓÇô send it off to us and thatΓÇÖs about it!!┬á There might be a little more […]

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Up Next on Virtual Bird’s Eye – College Football Stadiums

Well, now that all the NFL Stadiums are up, it’s time to start something else as a focus…┬á What next, well, We are going to stick in the football (American Football that is) area for a┬á little while longer.┬á We are going to grab the locations of all the Division 1 NCAA College football stadiums […]

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New Map Page On The Way – Check Back This Weekend!

We have been getting some stuff together to bring bigger maps to the site – How big?┬á Well, how about full screen!!┬á We hope to have things up and running with links this weekend.┬á Check back for updates! Why are we doing this? This will better server you, the reader, with a larger map so […]

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NFL Stadium Aerial Views In The US

Just a fair warning – It’s the start of NFL season here so we’re going to be covering all the NFL stadiums around the US – so watch out for these over the next week (We hope, there are a over 30!).┬á For the readers that aren’t interested in the NFL, we’ll try to add […]

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Some Site Changes – Come Look!

There were quite a few site changes this weekend. General layout stayed the same, just added some new things and change a few colors to make it my own.┬á There are still a few items I need to work on, but those are minor and don’t decrease the functionality. Any suggestions are also welcome!┬á Thanks […]

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FriendFeed Rooms – GIS, Google, Virtual Earth

If you are a FriendFeed user and would like to join in on the new Rooms feature, I picked up a few rooms for people to join in and share!! The Virtual Bird’s Eye feed is located here For all the Microsoft Virtual Earth users: FriendFeed Room for Virtual Earth If you are a GIS […]

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Many Ways To Get Virtual Bird’s Eye Updates

There are plenty of ways to follow our updates here on Virtual Bird’s Eye – Below are some of them and most applications will be able to use the regular RSS feed below. The ‘theme’ we are running right now is on Theme Parks – if you can’t get to one this summer, why not […]

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Thanks for the Support!

Just a quick thanks to the people that have helped out my very young site.┬á Without links from the following people I probably wouldn’t have the traffic I have today. The Sub Report – surprisingly the most traffic on this site has come from a few posts put up about submarines…┬á who would have thought […]

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Virtual Earth Imagery Update Adds 22 TB of Images

There was another update to the VE imagery and this time it’s on the order of 22TB!! Head over to Chris Pendleton’s blog to find out the full details on this update. Let us know if you find anything interesting in the new photos – we’ll share it with everyone!

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What’s Next On The Aerial Agenda?

We have all of the MLB stadiums posted up on the site. What direction should we move next? Any thoughts or suggestions? We have a few more fun ones and some more planes in flight that we have found – but we need another focus for the next week or so – Give us a […]

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Virtual Earth Plugin For WordPress Now Working

I was having trouble with the plugin and there ended up being a conflict with some javascript in my theme – but now it’s working!┬á See example below:

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Playing With More 3D Flyovers: Texas Motor Speedway

This is by no means a professional job or the quality to expect on the site, but I was playing with some more 3D stuff in Virtual Earth. Why post it then?? Well, I was just having some fun and acting like a race car driver! It was done, collection saved so I decided to […]

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Testing WordPress Virtual Earth Plugin

This was made from the Virtual Earth Plugin – If you want it – head over and check out this post and get it!! EDIT – seems to work in FireFox,but not IE 7. I am looking into it… EDIT (going to bed) – This is what I am working on (see image below) will […]

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Site Updates

Well, Virtual Bird’s Eye is just about done.  Most of the behind the scenes work is done and we can move on into the world of posting to the site on a regular basis. Thanks – Look for new stuff on starting up really soon – News plus some of the best places from around […]

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First Post For Virtual Bird’s Eye

This is the first post for our new site – Virtual Bird’s Eye Virtual Bird’s Eye has been put together from the ground up to bring links and sights from all over. Virtual for many reasons – on the web, in images and because you canΓÇÖt be in all these places at the same time. […]

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