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Top 5 Posts on Virtual Bird’s Eye

We will be resuming posting this weekend ΓÇô Yeah!!┬á So, to kick things off I am doing a very small recap of the most popular links on the site!┬á WeΓÇÖll to the Top 5 Posts based on page views using Google Analytics: Click the Read more to get the list! 1. Biggest Loser Ranch In […]

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Kiteboarding Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Is Kiteboarding your thing?┬á Even if it isn’t, there is a guy (or gal) riding the wind right under the Golden Gate Bridge.┬á Nice shot from Richard.┬á Thanks for sending this is as part of the contest! Want more information on Kiteboarding?┬á Check out this article. Click the image (or this link) and rotate around […]

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Chicago Building Demolition Bird’s Eye View

A building on the South Side of Chicago is getting demolished as the BirdΓÇÖs Eye View plane was flying overhead.┬á From looking at other map sources, Google Map Link (use street view), it appears that maybe some of the structure was remodeled to use in the current building. Anyone know the building and when this […]

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Happy Halloween – Giant Pumpkin on a Silo

Happy Halloween to all! For this day we have a giant pumpkin on top of a silo on a farm in Wisconsin. We donΓÇÖt know much about the farm or the pumpkin itself, but itΓÇÖs big and itΓÇÖs probably visible form I-90!

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Largest Pumpkin Patch in the US Aerial View

This is the area (there is over 15,000 acres) where the company that sells the most pumpkins in the nation is located. Frey Farms produce supplies more than 1 million pumpkins a year to places like Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Kroger Co., Meijer Inc. and other retailers.

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Parasailing Aerial View at Clearwater Beach Florida

Caught in photo is someone parasailing off the coast of Clearwater Beach in Florida. Parasailing, also known as parascending, is a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a specially designed parachute, known as a parasail. The boat then drives off, carrying the parascender into the […]

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Election 08 – Aerial and Bird’s Eye View of Mack Sports Complex Hofstra University

The┬áthird and final debate of the 2008 Presidential Election is taking place at the Mack Sports Complex on the campus of Hofstra University. On January 2, 2000 the Hofstra Basketball programs moved into the new 5,046-seat then-Hofstra Arena. Construction of the $15 million, 93,000 square-foot facility began in the fall of 1998 and was completed […]

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The Golden Goose Has Been Found

Chad Zimmerman over on The Earth Is Square found this unique set of roads in the middle of Pennsylvania that with some imagination represents a flying goose.┬á To top it off, there is even what┬áapperars to be an eye that makes it seem even more realistic (itΓÇÖs actually a house).┬á If you want to check […]

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VP 2008 Debate Location – Aerial View of the St Louis Athletic Complex

The Athletic Complex consists of several facilities: the Field House, Francis Gymnasium, Francis Field, and the Tao Tennis Center. Francis Field and Francis Gymnasium were used for the 1904 Olympics, the third Olympic games of the modern era and the first to be held in the Western Hemisphere. The Field House was the site for […]

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Location of Minaret Lake Aerial View – Steve Fossett Items Found

This is the area around Minaret Lake from an aerial view using Virtual Earth. The ID form Steve Fossett was found around this area in California.

Click image for a full screen map view of the area!!

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Survivor Gabon Aerial View of Filming Location

Not exact (canΓÇÖt zoom in close enough), and the Aerials arenΓÇÖt that good in the area, but this is the area where the current, Survivor Gabon season 17 was filmed.┬á Click for a larger map using Virtual Earth that you can pan and zoom around. Gabon sits on the Equator in western Africa. Oil, timber, […]

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Biggest Loser Ranch In Malibu Creek State Park – 2008 Season

This is an updated post from my earlier post, but decided to make a new one since the location is in a totally different place. The old link was for an earlier season of Biggest Loser. The new location is located in the Malibu Creek State Park. (Click Image to the right for a larger […]

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Biggest Loser Ranch in Simi Valley Aerial and Bird’s Eye View

UPDATE – Other images move the Ranch to this location. Today is the start of the new season of The Biggest Looser.┬á Check out the Aerial and Bird’s Eye View of the Ranch.┬á The ranch is really called the Hummingbird Nest Ranch.┬á It is located to the North West of Los Angeles. The Biggest Loser […]

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Big Brother 10 House Aerial and Bird’s Eye View

The popular TV Show Big Brother has recently started for the 2008 season in the USA with a new set of house guests for us all to watch. Below is the house from an aerial view – make sure and click the Bird’s Eye view to get a closer look! Big Brother is a reality […]

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Red Gold Logo In Indiana Field – Aerial View

Just North of Indiana in a field is a Red Gold logo. Kind of a cool thing to find. Thanks to Randy at work for finding this one!! Use the interactive map below to pan and zoom around the park or visit the Virtual Earth site for the Aerial of the theme park. Technorati Tags: […]

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Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Plane Graveyard Aerial and Bird’s Eye View

When I first saw this place in Bird’s Eye View a half hour had gone by and I didn’t even know it… Take the time and spin around a few times in Bird’s Eye View – there is TONS of cool stuff around this place. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is a United States Air Force […]

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More Submarines – Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Aerial View

Thanks for the link by Steve, we have some more pictures of some submarines. Not moving this time, but still quite a few of them. Check out the rest of our Submarine Aerial Photo Links if you enjoyed this link. UPDATE: I asked the guys over at The Sub Report if they had any information […]

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