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In Flight: Plane Over Germany

Thanks to Christian Klasen for sending this one!!┬á Very nice close up of a plane coming in for a landing over Essen/Germany to Airport Duesseldorf.┬á Crazy how close this plane appears in the image! Make sure to check out our other ΓÇÿIn FlightΓÇÖ links on the site! Click either image to view the plane using […]

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Survivor Gabon Aerial View of Filming Location

Not exact (canΓÇÖt zoom in close enough), and the Aerials arenΓÇÖt that good in the area, but this is the area where the current, Survivor Gabon season 17 was filmed.┬á Click for a larger map using Virtual Earth that you can pan and zoom around. Gabon sits on the Equator in western Africa. Oil, timber, […]

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