Bridger Bowl Montana Ski Resort Aerial and 3D View

bridger_bowl_ski_resort_aerial Bridger Bowl offers a very diverse ski experience with the following ratings: 20% beginner, 30% intermediate, 20% advance and 30% extreme. Incredible expert only skiing is available off Bridger’s new Schlasman’s Chairlift and on the renowned “Ridge.” Skiers and snowboarders who wish to ride the new lift or access this terrain, collectively known as Ridge Terrain, must have an avalanche transceiver (457 khz). It is stongly recommended to have a partner, a shovel and expert skiing abilities in addition to knowledge of the terrain before venturing into the area which will have no hazard markings, no grooming and no marked trails. Ridge Terrain contains numerous steep chutes, rock cliffs, and snowfields which may end in unmarked cliffs. Clearly, Bridger Bowl’s Ridge Terrain provides some of the most challenging skiing found within any ski area boundary! – Cont – Bridger Bowl, Bozeman Montana ~ Mountain Info

Bridger Bowl – Montana Ski Resort

Click either image for an Aerial or 3D view of the Ski Resort using Microsoft Virtual Earth.


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