Kiteboarding Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Is Kiteboarding your thing?┬á Even if it isn’t, there is a guy (or gal) riding the wind right under the Golden Gate Bridge.┬á Nice shot from Richard.┬á Thanks for sending this is as part of the contest!

Want more information on Kiteboarding?  Check out this article.

Click the image (or this link) and rotate around to the South – or check it out on Live Maps.


UPDATE – after looking around the area – there are actually about 4 people out there in the vicinity!┬á Pan to the right after facing south to see the others!

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  1. That is our Crew! We kite under the Golden Gate daily from March to October. If you are interested in kiting there hook up with us any time. I check out the parking lot and looks like that image from a different time as no kiters cars are in the parking lot.
    -Chris from

  2. That is absolutely amazing – I bet the wind you get there to ride with is unprecedented. Next time I make it out to San Francisco I am definitely going to call you guys for your kiteboarding services. I can’t wait!

  3. Wow that looks really cool, looks like some good wind there, im definately up for kitesurfing there some time an maybe have it as one of our new kitesurfing adventures!

    Hooked-on Kitesurfing

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