Browse Virtual Earth and Win a Zune Contest Starts NOW!

UPDATE – Contest has now closed

Today we start a round of contests here on Virtual Bird’s Eye!┬á┬áThe first┬ácontest is to win┬áa Microsoft Zune 4GB Black music player.┬á Also, we have a couple of Microsoft T-shirts in the hopper as well, so we’ll send out a couple of those as well to some runner ups!!

The Rules (Very easy we must say)

  1. You find an interesting┬áaerial image inside the US using Virtual Earth and send us a link to the┬ásite.┬á This image can be from the Aerial or Bird’s Eye View imagery in Virtual Earth.┬á┬áNote┬á- Places and Images like “My House” will not be counted┬á- review site content for examples.
  2. Send us a link to some information about the┬ásite/image using the homepage of the captured location, Wikipedia or any other applicable source of information.┬á If it’s just a cool shot of something that shows up in the aerial photo (like an airplane in flight or similar), just write up a little description about the capture and send it on to us using the form.
  3. Winners MUST live in the U.S. (for shipping)
  4. Must not duplicate any previous posts on our site.
  5. That’s it!

The winner of the 4 GIG Microsoft Zune will be based solely on what we┬áhere at VBE think is the best or┬ámost unique capture.┬á This is purely subjective but you are free to enter or not enter the contest for your shot at the Zune.┬á The shirts will be given out to a couple of other people that submitted entries as well. If you don’t win the Zune, you still might get some nice threads!

Some, if not all, entries will be used by us to put on our site as the contest progresses.┬á So, if you have a safe site put your link in the contest form and we’ll make sure and link back to you so people can check out your blog/site.

How to Enter:

Use this form to send us your link – make sure to use a real e-mail address so we can contact you to confirm the submission and notify if you are the winner. (We will not use the e-mail for anything else but to contact you about the contest)

Your name and entry will be posted on the Contest Page so you can see what others have posted or how many links others have submitted.  This will be updated nightly for tracking purposes.

Make sure and subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter so you can stay up to date with what’s happening!

Have fun searching and the contest is open for posting until November 23rd 12PM EST.

UPDATE – This has been asked a couple of times – You can enter as many times as you would like.

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