USS Torsk – Submarine Fired The Last WWII Torpedo

uss_torsk_aerial_viewLooking around Baltimore today we found another submarine docked and wondered.┬á After looking around we found out that it is the USS Torsk, and is responsible for sinking the last WWII Japanease ship with a torpedo.┬á After that, it was used as a training sub and is called the ‘divingest’ of the US Navy because of the repeated trips down during this training.

The submarines of the Tench class were an improvement over the previous Gato and Balao classes due to better interior machinery and ballast tank arrangements. Twenty-nine were completed for the United States during, or immediately following WWII, though most never made a war patrol. Of the twenty-nine completed, only two, TORSK and REQUIN, still exist within the United States. Several were sold to foreign countries and may (though not likely) still be in limited service. -Cont -  Tench Class Fleet Submarines

For many years it was customary to name U.S. submarines for fish, although this custom no longer exists. World War II submarines were named for everything that swam, from Albacore to Whale. The Torsk got its name from a gadoid fish, allied to the codfish, which is found in the North Atlantic. The name Torsk is Norwegian in origin. Cont – USS Torsk (SS-423) history

Check out the home page for the USS Torsk

Click either image for an Aerial or Bird’s Eye view of the submarine using Microsoft Virtual Earth


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