Survivor Gabon Aerial View of Filming Location

survivor_gabon_aerial_viewNot exact (can’t zoom in close enough), and the Aerials aren’t that good in the area, but this is the area where the current, Survivor Gabon season 17 was filmed.  Click for a larger map using Virtual Earth that you can pan and zoom around.

Gabon sits on the Equator in western Africa. Oil, timber, and manganese earn this thinly settled republic one of the highest per capita incomes in Africa. However, the income is largely based on oil money going to a fewΓÇömost live by subsistence farming. France gained control starting in 1839, and Libreville (Free Town), Gabon’s capital, got its name when French forces freed slaves there in 1849. With independence in 1960, it functioned mostly as a one-party state until 1991, when a new constitution brought multiparty democracy. In 2002 the country created 13 new national parksΓÇösome 11 percent of Gabon’s areaΓÇöto protect its forests and wildlife from logging. ΓÇô National Geographic

Click For Aerial View of Gabon filming locaiton


Photo Credit and Location Information: Dan

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