Biggest Loser Ranch in Simi Valley Aerial and Bird’s Eye View

Biggest Loser Ranch Aerial View

UPDATE – Other images move the Ranch to this location.

Today is the start of the new season of The Biggest Looser.┬á Check out the Aerial and Bird’s Eye View of the Ranch.┬á The ranch is really called the Hummingbird Nest Ranch.┬á It is located to the North West of Los Angeles.

The Biggest Loser – NBC Site

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The Biggest Loser Workout Mixes

Biggest Loser Ranch Bird's Eye View

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  1. my husband has had heart attack, throat cancer,stomach cancer stem cell tranplant and I have gain so much weight being stress and he has to .Please help me find out how we get to the biggest losers ranch so we will live longer.

  2. I need to lose 25 pounds and heard that you have a private ranch for people to go and receive help. If so, wha is the cost and where is the ranch located?

  3. hello my name is bianca am here on this website everyday to try and find out how i can sign my mom up to be a contestant on the biggest loser ranch. my mom has suffered with her weight for so many years. there’s days were she would try getting ready to go out but she cries everytime because of how big she is. she is married and has 7 children and all we ever wanted was to our mother happy…. so if anyone reads this and knows how to get on the biggest loser ranch plz email me at

  4. Go to and fill out the application….not the best odds to get on the show, but best of luck. I recently lost 90lbs on my own and people have shown that you don’t really need the ranch, you just need to be motivated.

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