Cincinnati Bearcats – Aerial and Bird’s Eye View of Nippert Stadium

Aerial View of Nippert Stadium Nippert Stadium has been home to Bearcats football since 1902, making it the fourth-oldest playing site and fifth-oldest stadium in college football.

The stadium’s founder was Arch Carson, who as captain and principal organizer, played a significant role in starting football on the UC campus in 1885. In 1901 as physical director of the university, Carson guided the construction of the field which was later named for him-the playing surface is still called Carson Field.

In 1916, construction began on a permanent brick-and-concrete stadium structure, which was completed, section-by-section, as funds were raised.┬á Cont – Nippert Stadium Official Site -Football

The University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio Football Home Page

Click either image for an Aerial and Bird’s Eye view of Nippert Stadium using Virtual Earth.  Make sure to check out all the other NCAA Division 1 college football stadiums.

Bird's Eye View of Nippert Stadium

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