Kansas City Chiefs – Arrowhead Stadium Aerial and Bird’s Eye View

arrowhead stadium aerial view The Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Cardinals played the inaugural game at Arrowhead Stadium on August 12, 1972. Although the facility lacks some of the modern accoutrements of recently-constructed stadia and discussions about potential renovations are underway, Arrowhead remains one of the nationΓÇÖs top venues for fans to experience the excitement of collegiate or NFL football.

While other venues of a similar vintage have long since been termed obsolete, thanks to the foresight and vision of the leadership of Jackson County, the Chiefs staff led by Jack Steadman who helped develop the complex, and the taxpayers who made it a reality, Arrowhead has indeed, stood the test of time.Kansas City Chiefs – Arrowhead Stadium

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Use the interactive map below to pan and zoom around the Aerial View or Bird’s Eye View of the stadium.  Make sure and check out the rest of the NFL Stadium views to find another team’s home field!

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