Six Submarines In Aerial View In San Diego – Dry dock and In Water

Lots going on around the San Diego Bay in the ‘Submarine’ department – There are quite a few of them caught in photos in and around the bay.

This first one seems to be different than some of the other ones we have been linking to:

submarine aerial view san diego

And the one above from a Bird’s Eye View:

submarine birds eye view san diego

This one is sitting in the dry dock:

submarine aerial view san diego 2

Same one as above,but in Bird’s Eye View (make sure and rotate around to see all angles)

submarine birds eye view san diego 2

Make sure and spin around on the one below – the amount and position change as you rotate

submarine birds eye view san diego 3

Here is another couple – there is a Yellow Submarine too…

submarine birds eye view san diego 4

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  1. Really old photos. The first set are of a ex-Soviet Foxtrot that is part of a museum by the Star of India. The ones showing the subs in dock are also old…the drydock itself is currently at a shipyard in overhaul. The one with the yellow sub shows Dolphin (AGSS 555) which was decomed a year ago. The “yellow sub” is a test target for new torpedo testing. Less a sub and more just a big submersible can (no crew; it just hangs from cables…and i think it had an accident last year and sank too). The subs pierside (the 688s) are also several years old.
    Still, kinda cool.

  2. Thanks for the comments KellyJ!!

    It would be a nice feature of Virtual Earth if they would put the ‘date taken’ information with the photo. It would be nice for situations like you stated – everyone that looks at these links would know that they were from… last year… 3 years ago… 8 years ago…

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