Four Submarines Caught In Aerial View Around Norfolk Virginia

Here are four pictures of submarines (or one submarine 4 times…) from Virtual Earth – Kind of cool to see them from an aerial view. If you pan around a little in the maps, you can see a few more ‘docked’ (that what you call it for a sub?).

Anybody know what class this/these are?

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UPDATE: I asked the guys over at The Sub Report if they had any information on any of these submarines:

Those photos look like they are all Los Angeles(I) Class subs because I do not see any sail planes. has the best photo index for navy ships. You can check out the sub section here.

submarine 1

submarine 2

submarine 3

submarine 4

Thanks to BEV Coverage for leading us to the area, and the last link.

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  1. These images have been censored and do not show the submarines anymore, rather an updated image of the water is shown instead. Thanks anyways for the post!

  2. John – I just checked after your post and I see all 4 of them still.

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