New York Yankees – Yankee Stadium Aerial View

Yankee Stadium Aerial View Yankee Stadium II
161 Street and River Avenue, Bronx
Opened: April 15, 1976, an 11-4 victory over the Minnesota Twins
Capacity: 57,545

Upon its opening, Yankee Stadium soon came to be known as “The House that Ruth Built”, a play on the nursery rhyme “The House that Jack Built”, and in reference to the Yankees’ star player, Babe Ruth. Ruth’s power as a drawing card had enabled the Yankees to build their own stadium in the Bronx after their rivals across the Harlem River, the New York Giants, were threatening to evict them. In the first game at Yankee Stadium, April 18, 1923, Ruth hit the first home run at the Stadium, a three-run shot to help defeat his former team, the Boston Red Sox, 4-1. Boston Red Sox first baseman George Burns got the first hit ever in Yankee Stadium. The Yankees also won their first World Series during the Stadium’s inaugural season, a rare coincidence that would not occur again until the St. Louis Cardinals did it in 2006. – Wikipedia

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